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p1010063.JPGYesterday, I thought I was going to Staples to make a few color photocopies of some knitting patterns.  It turned out that I went to Staples to buy storage toys for knitting. I have a minor problem with office supplies. I like them a little too much and not in a glue sniffing way. The only thing I have ever REALLY stolen were several boxes of crayons.  After school, I would open a new brand pack of crayons and then the next day put them back into my teacher's crayon storage area. The next day I would put those back and so on. These days I'm no longer a grade school supply thief, but it's rare that I get out of Staples without buying a pen, a pencil, an eraser or worse, a new pricey organizer. I bought a blue pencil case for $3.99 US. 

I am always on the lookout for new ways to store knitting needles and this bag was very good. To wax poetic about the bag, it stands upright, contains an inside pocket and comes in five colors. The pocket even has a velcro closure.  If we could get Mead to make it a little taller we'd be set. It's tall enough for my dpns, but the issue is that it's not tall enough if they are in their original packaging.  I do not like loose needles or rubber bands.  At present, I store my dpns needles in the long cardboard box my husband's tie was shipped in. I emailed Mead for a few more details since I couldn't find this product online.

p1010060.JPGThis is how I keep my circular needles. They were $1.99/bag and ~$1.50 US at Staples for the ring that holds them all together.  (I got the hiking clip from REI .) There are two pouches in each bag and I keep two needle sizes in every bag. Not shown is the black pencil case where I store scissors, sewing needles, gauge calculators, stitch holders, row counters, tape measures and other knitting gadgets. The black one has three pockets, the smallest of which is perfect is see through. I admit my setup isn't nearly as sophisticated as Circular Elegance from Lantern Moon, which I covet, but it was cheap, colorful and modular. It works too. The black one I tend to take out and carry around with whatever my current project is. 

p1010195.JPGLet's be clear here. I am not a neat freak. I'm a complete slob who aspires and dreams of a shiny, sparkly, uncluttered and otherwise undefiled home. That's the scary part. My actual neat spells are the organizational equivalent of punctuated equilibrium: all at once or not at all. I'm still in that stage of moving prior to the one where you throw everything into an unlabeled box or garbage bag and hope for the best. The other night I rescued the Cascade 220 from that photograph and stuck it in a ziploc bag. On the other hand, it's been in that tangle for about two years.

p1010061.JPGTime for a brief falling leaves sock update. I got through the toe-up invisible crochet cast on and skipped the magic loop part completely thanks to some 12" Addi Turbos. (Using the magic loop would have meant purchasing some 40" size 1 needles and I don't know what else I'd do with those. Maybe some day.) I'm concerned about the actual yardage in this ball of Koigu, but the good news is that when I run out of yarn I can just stop as long as I'm part way up the ankle.  Hooray, hoorah and hurrah for the toe-up cast on. (This isn't the toe-up cast on with the special figure 8. In fact it's identical to this sock's heel.)

I may also start another pair of socks. I'm supposed to be completing a second project. I will not have guilt, but I will get those projects done. It has been blazing hot in Colorado and I do not feel like working on sweater sleeves or mittens. Just the words sleeves and mittens make me sweat a little. The merino I use on the socks tends to be smooth enough to pretend that I'm using a warm weather fiber.

One comment on “knitting organization & gadgets

  1. miss moonbeam
    June 20, 2006

    I totally agree with the pencil case thingie. I use them for sock knitting, using it to hold pattern, crochet hook, tape measure, counter, yarn and sock, works great and the whole deal fits in my purse. I thought I’d invented something. :)

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