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love in the time of camelot mittens are up on ravelry

Well, I’ve loaded the .pdf file for the Love in the Time of Camelot Mittens (this is the purchase directly link, go see it on ravelry to make sure it gets into your account) onto ravelry. I said it would be done Monday and I do want them up on Monday morning for the US East Coast folks (i.e. it’s Monday somewhere.) I guess I was a little time zone centric in my thinking.

Here’s hoping all goes well. I redesigned the thumb about 3 times to get a good fit. Not many mittens use DK weight yarn and so it was harder than I thought it would be to figure it out. Sharon, who works at Tangled Purls, gave me a good rule of thumb and that turned out to be the thing I needed. It turns out that the frequency of the increases controls the way the thumb drops onto your palm (the way it fits when you tug them on).

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This entry was posted on January 22, 2012 by in knitting.



We have some folks at our table who are gluten free or don't eat chocolate. They got fruit salad for desert. There was an audible gasp from the table when the fruit salad came out first and a lot of laughter when the fruit salad recipients told us about the expressions on our faces. #madronafiberarts #madrona

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