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Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival and Facebook Contest.


I just got back from the Columbia Gorge River Fiber Festival. It was a terrific weekend.tumblr_n4cedyo67o1rdmv1lo1_1280

I didn’tsell as many of the aether singles as I would have expected, but maybe that’s for lack of a sample. I’m thinking I’ll have to knit and design a rectangular gradient shawl. Or maybe just knit something simple on the bias. These are 70% superwash merino, 30% silk and made with a singles construction. The drape is going to be phenomenal. The yarn is 438 yards to 115 grams, so it’s a fingering weight wool. Having used the superwash merino singles which are 475 yards to a skein, I’m guessing this yarn would prefer a size 5 needle. I’m off to go swatch some up.

Sometimes I have sale bins and I pick a number out of the air for them. There’s some old stuff floating around in the studio and I’m determined that it must go. That being said, sometimes I sell myself a bit short in my efforts to get rid of things that ought to have been gone three years ago. Still, I’m glad to have cleaned out the merino laceweight, the north by northwest and some kraemer silk and silver I’ve had for a very long long time. BFL Platinum, Oriethrya Sport and Chione worsted are still floating around out there. I’m thinking of having a Facebook contest in order to find them a place in the world. They are lovely yarns and deserve good homes. I’ll do it when I reach 325 likess, so spread the word to friends. I’m at about 287 now. I’ll give out another prize for each 25 after that.

The best places to follow me are Facebook and Tumblr. I”ve been using instagram to push photos out to tumblr, which sends it to twitter. Twitter then sends it to facebook, but unfortunately they only go to my personal page. I’ve yet to figure out how to get around that. Still it’s nice to use one piece of social media to reach out to others.

I also brought four brand new colorways, wine country, blooming, arthur light and lilypad. Arthur is a terrific golden color, but awfully orange, so I thought I’d use a smaller amount for a buttery yellow. Lilypad is the third in my How I Met Your Mother series. I’d only done “lawyered” and “mosby”, so I’ve got a few more colors do go. I’m thinking “What up? or Legend-ary” and “Robin Sparkles or Let’s Go to the Mall” and “TM” should be the names of the last colorways. The show’s over, but I’m still a fan. 



One comment on “Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival and Facebook Contest.

  1. colormusing
    April 22, 2014

    Love your colors, especially in the last photo!

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We have some folks at our table who are gluten free or don't eat chocolate. They got fruit salad for desert. There was an audible gasp from the table when the fruit salad came out first and a lot of laughter when the fruit salad recipients told us about the expressions on our faces. #madronafiberarts #madrona

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